Deadline: 21-Jan-21

The CROWN UK Fund has been announced that will invest £170,000 during 2021 with the aim of supporting the Black Community in the UK through grants to Black-led grassroots organizations and projects who are working to eliminate barriers to progress for Black women and girls and driving for long-term systemic change.

The fight against systemic racism needs action, not just words. Of those we polled, an astounding 63% of Black adults have experienced hair discrimination in the UK and more than 50% of UK children have been sent home from school due to wearing their hair naturally or in a protective style.

Funding Information

  • In early January 2021, the CROWN UK Fund invites organizations and change-makers in the UK who share the CROWN vision to apply for grants of up to £20,000.

Eligibility Criteria

Dove is keen to receive applications from any organizations that have an innovative and creative approach to the way they engage Black women and girls in their community. The projects funded should meaningfully involve the women and/or girls they support to reach their full potential and break down barriers to success. Dove is not looking for the best-written application but the most compelling.

  • UK-based grassroot organisations and/or programmes that are led by people who identify as Black/Black-mixed race.
  • Funding must be used to help create lasting change in the lives of Black women and/or girls.
  • Projects funded should aim to celebrate and empower Black women and/or girls and eliminate barriers to success.
  • Address one or more of the following issues/needs: Appearance-based prejudice and discrimination / Education and vocational training / Emotional or psychological health / Empowerment / Individual growth and success / Leadership and career planning / Mentorship / Advocacy.
  • Organizations must already be established as a social enterprise, charity, or community project and be engaged in impactful work in their community.
  • Organizations must be able to demonstrate the impact of the funding and their methods and ability to monitor and evaluate the project.
TRENDING:  Thomas Wall Trust offering Grants to Registered Charities in UK ( Deadline: 30-Apr-21 )

Evaluation Process

  • Applicants who meet the basic eligibility of the CROWN UK Fund will have their applications evaluated by a representative and expert panel. This panel will discuss the applications and evaluate the successful organisations who will receive the fund.
  • They will prioritise organisations that have a strong focus on the empowerment of Black women and girls. However, they will consider organisations that are not women-centric but that are actively engaging in projects/initiatives that will directly impact the advancement of Black women and/or girls.
  • If you are unable to submit your application in written format, please contact the CROWN UK Fund team for alternative ways to apply. They will also be able to help if you have difficulty or need assistance submitting your application online. Please note that applying does not guarantee funds.

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