The lead to the release of the Metaverse was equally exciting. SHIB lead developer Shytoshi Kusama had been teasing investors about the development for almost a week, and the team finally made it official.

The Shiberse graphics extraordinaire

The Shiberse graphics are chic, extraordinarily affluent, and professional. Every aspect of the Metaverse has been carefully etched out and includes lush green leaves to the trees and rocks; the image is nothing short of a work of art.


What Shiberse Really Means?


The cryptocurrency market is in a downturn, and the latest plunge by Shiba Inu into the world of Metaverse has brought a gleam of hope in an otherwise bleak market. The issue has already caused a massive buzz in social media. Social media has been inundated with posts about the latest SHIB update and how the upcoming Metaverse will change the fortunes of the tokens.

SHIB is all set to rub shoulders with the Bigwigs of the industry. SHIB is undoubtedly poised for a hot run in 2022 as several releases are up to their sleeves. The meme-based token is the most crucial aspect of its existence. It will be scaling sustainably through its subsequent releases.


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