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Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment is here again. Get the latest information on how to apply for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service. We are about to show you the practical steps to apply for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service.

Note: this article is only for graduates who want to get enlisted for commission into the Nigerian Army (NA) as Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) officers. Also note that only serving military personnel sponsored by any of the Services of the Nigerian Armed Forces can apply while at the same time, civilians can apply once they meet the eligibility criteria.

Nigerian Army Dssc Recruitment

The security aspect of Nigeria is handled mostly by the Nigerian Armed Forces. Though there are other law enforcement agencies but the key role of the nation’s defense is shouldered by the Nigerian Armed Forces. This defense body comprises of the land fighter (Army), Air fighter (Air Force and the water fighters (Navy).

In this article, emphasis shall be laid on the Nigerian Army and Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). This component is the amplest section of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is the component that tackles the warfare operation on land so they are termed “the Land Soldiers”. The operations of this section of the armed forces are guided by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC).


The Nigerian Army has originated from the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF) which was formed in 1900. In course of the world war II, the Nigerian troop who were trained in Britain participated in collaboration with the 1st (West Africa) Infantry Brigade, the 81st and the 82nd (West Africa) Divisions to fight the world war II (East African Campaign).

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At the conclusion of the 1970’s Nigerian Civil War, there was an increment in the strength of this armed force from 18,000 infantry battalions and supporting units to about 126,000 personnel occupying three divisions.

After the civil war, there was a reorganization of the 3 divisions of the army, with individual territory controllers starting from the South to the North so that the initial regional structure can be deemphasized. Every division can, therefore, access the sea. This results in the easy formation of logistic support and triservice cooperation.

Each division thus has access to the sea thereby making triservice cooperation and logistic support easier. This deployment formula was later abandoned in favor of the present assignment of sectors to the divisions.

This method of deployment was neglected after a while and adopt the present assignments of sectors to various divisions.

Therefore, Division 1 has its headquarter in Kaduna state with the North West sector allocation. Division 2 has is Headquarter at Ibadan as the South West sectional allocation.

Division 3 has the Headquarter in Jos as the North East section. The 82 division is the last and has its headquarter in Enugu and function as the other East sectional allocation.


For every agency or government establishment, there is a vacuum in which they are to fill. In this note, the Nigerian Army is to fill the security vacuum by observing the following functions;

  1. Border Protection: The Nigerian Army is basically responsible for the protection of the Nigerian border against any attack or threat that might come up from any country or person. This is why we always find Armies placed at strategic places in the Nigerian borders. Their mission there is to check everyone entering and exiting the country. They keep the country protect secure the nation from threats that might want to enter the country via the Nigerian borders.
  2. Protection Of Nigerian Territorial Integrity: Another function of the Nigerian Army is to protect the integrity of the Nigerian integrity. They are trained to be disciplined so as to successfully carry out this responsibility.
  3. Restoration Of Peace And Order: During insurgency, violent and disorderliness beyond the control of police and other security agencies, they are fully responsible for the restoration harmony, peace and order.
  4. The Nigerian Army also carry out some duties allocated to them by the National Assembly. Likewise, there can be order from the Commander in Chief Of the Armed Forces (a position occupied by Nigeria President). They have no option than to instantly respond to such order. This implies that they spontaneously respond to an assignment from the National Assembly and the presidency.
  5. Enforcement and Coordination of Immigration Customs and Laws An important reason for the placement of the Army at the nation’s borders is to checkmate and ensure that things are done orderly and properly.
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Requirements for Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment 2022/2023

  • Only Nigerian graduates should apply
  • You should between the age of 22 to 35 while medical consultants should not be over 40.
  • You must be fit and sound in all round.
  • You should have 2 recognizable referees who must recommend you.
  • Measure at least 1.68m (for male) and 1.65m (for female) in height.
  • Get a state of origin certificate.
  • Possess valid birth certificate.
  • You must get your NYSC discharge certificates.
  • Females should apply for specialist corps e.g. Medical, Legal Service or Army Public Relations.

How To Apply For Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission 2022/2023

The application for the Nigerian Army is to be done online free of charge following the following procedure;

  • Go to the application portal by clicking here
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will see all the DSSC courses and their qualifications. Take your time to read and understand it well.
  • Choose the course that you meet the qualification and click “Apply now”.
  • You will be required to create and account with them. Thereafter, a mail will be sent to your registered email address for verification of data.
  • Upon login, you will have to complete your registration.
  • You will be required to provide some documents which will made known to you later in this article.
  • After uploading those documents, you can submit your application.
  • Thereafter, you should print the online generated photo card. Failure to print this document out renders your Application invalid.
  • The first page of the application summary will be signed by the Registrar of a Court in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • The second page of the application summary should be signed by your Local government chairman/secretary or any Military Officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or above.
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Closing Date of the Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment

According to an information released by the army authorities, application, which started on March 25, 2022, will end on May 6, 2022.

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