How To Choose Between Two Awesome Job Offers At The Same Company

Most of us dream of working for an ideal company that offers the best perks for its employees. When they have an opening, you need to send your application quickly. But, what do you do if you see that they have openings for two great positions that you qualify for? Should you send two applications so you can be considered for both positions?

Applying for the jobs you qualify for may seem like a good idea because you can show that you have the credentials the company is looking for. However, some may not look at it the same way and think you are unable to make decisions for challenging situations that will cost you the opportunity.

Even when job offers have similar benefits and duties, many other aspects can influence your choice. Selecting the job that will bring you the most satisfaction and fit in best with your goals is an important decision that should only be made after carefully considering each option.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are the things you should consider to help you choose between the positions you want to apply for:

Know Your Long-Term Goals

We aim to advance in our chosen careers and reach a certain position for most of us, and having this goal will help us strive harder and grow as a person. When looking into both roles, consider if the position will help you with your long-term career goals and offer you the opportunities you are looking for.

Know What You Want To Do

Aside from your long-term goals, ask yourself what you want to work on. Do you want to focus on content creation rather than marketing? Or is it your forte to build an actual model? Tailor your application to match what you want to do and focus on that role.

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Work/Life Balance

When assessing any job position, you will need to consider if it will meet your needs and requirements. Will it give you flexibility like working remotely, maternal or paternity leave or have benefits like healthcare? If the position does not offer these benefits to make work life easier and help you with your personal life, you may consider something else.

Don’t Focus Only On The Salary

For many, salary is a big game-changer regarding the positions they apply for. However, even if the salary is high, it is not a guarantee that you will work without problems and get accepted for the jobs you are applying for.

Analyse The Interviews

If you are called for an interview for both positions, take the time to assess what was discussed and what the job position entails. This will help you determine how your daily workday will be and if you will fit in the workplace well.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have considered all the above factors and researched the positions and the company itself, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine which job works well for you. Trust your instincts and go for the one you feel is good for you!

It is a dream for many job seekers to have more opportunities to work for the company they want to work for through the job openings. However, even if you qualify for multiple positions, it doesn’t mean you should take the plunge and apply for these positions. Take time in assessing each role and narrow down your choice to one. Use the tips we listed above to make your decision easier.

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Be professional

After you have made your decision, accept your chosen job offer and then respectfully turn down the others. Be professional when explaining to an employer that you will not be accepting the position to leave a good impression. Maintaining a positive professional relationship could help your career in the future and build your network.

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