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NLNG recruitment 2022 application procedure is here. Are you interested in the Nigeria LNG Limited recruitment? NLNG is calling on suitably qualified candidates to apply for the 2022 recruitment exercise.

The NLNG is recruiting. See the available vacancies, requirements, qualifications and also how to apply for the Nigeria LNG Limited recruitment 2022.

If you are interested in the NLNG jobs, you are advised to take time and read this guide to help you submit your application successfully on the recruitment portal.

NLNG Recruitment 2022

The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas which is popularly known as NLNG is a Limited Liability Company fully incorporated on May 17, 1989. This joint venture is saddled with the responsibility of not only harnessing Nigeria’s vast natural gas resources but to also produce Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for exportation.

The Nigerian LNG company is jointly owned by four (4) shareholders including the Federal Government of Nigeria ably represented by the following :

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), 49% shares
  • Shell, 25.6% shares
  • Total Gaz Electricite Holding France,15% shares
  • Eni 10.4% shares

With an LNG plant fully operational at Bonny Island, NLNG boasts of six processing units (trains) having a total processing capacity of 22 million tons of LNG and up to 5 million tons of NGLs (LPG and condensate) per year.

In light of this, the Nigerian LNG proudly supplies seven (7) percent of the world’s total Liquefied Natural Gas and supplies over 200,000 residential homes and companies in Bonny Island with power through an efficient rural electrification scheme.

Also, the Nigerian LNG company boasts of two wholly-owned subsidiaries including NLNG Ship Management Limited (NSML) and Bonny Gas Transport (BGT) Limited.

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NLNG has its headquarters in the Capital City of Rivers State, Port Harcourt and in Abuja. As appointed by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Tony Attah is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of NLNG.

NLNG Recruitment Requirements 2022

Nationality: Nigerian

Minimum Age: 20

Mode of identification: National ID, International Passport, Driver’s License or Voters Card

  1. Minimum of 5 Credits in SSCE/GCE/NABTEB/NECO including Mathematics and English
  2. B.Sc or Master’s Degree obtained from an accredited Tertiary Institution in any related discipline or an HND in a relevant course in any field of study.
  3. You must be a graduate with a good degree from the following field of study: Chemical, Process, Petroleum, Mining, Industrial, Mechanical or Electronics /Electrical Engineering.
  4. Applicant must have good communication and writing skills.

How to Apply for NLNG Recruitment 2022

To apply for the Nigeria LNG Limited recruitment, you need to visit the application portal via Follow the steps below to submit your application.

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account with your active email
  3. Verify your account via email confirmation
  4. Fill the online application form
  5. Upload credentials
  6. Submit.

What are the Functions of NLNG?

Like every other oil and gas operations in Nigeria, the NLNG has a set of functions which are all backed by the law. On this note, the Nigerian LNG company functions are backed by the NLNG Act and they include;

  1. To harness Nigeria’s natural gas resources.
  2. To produce Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids products for exportation.
  3. Marketing of Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids.
  4. Shipping of Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids.
  5. To deliver Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids to buyers in a safe, reliable, and profitable way.
  6. To be a trusted partner with all the NLNG stakeholders in other to contribute to the sustainable development of Nigeria’s gas industry and all NLNG’s host communities.
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What is the Strength of the NLNG?

The strength of the Nigerian LNG company is its staff strength and efficiency of its subsidiary companies. The NLNG proudly employs over 1000 people as full-time employees directly under its establishment. More interestingly, Nigeria LNG employs thousand more through various contracts and agreement.

What is the Primary Role of the NLNG?

The primary role of the Nigerian LNG Corporation is in line with the objectives of its establishment. Interestingly, NLNG primary role is embedded in its mission “To market, produce and deliver Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids to buyers safely, reliably and profitably, growing our company and its people to their full potential, and being a trusted partner with all our stakeholders in the sustainable development of Nigeria’s gas industry and of NLNG’s host communities”

and vision “…a global LNG company helping to build a better Nigeria…” statement.

Altogether, the primary role of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas company is to build a better Nigeria through the effective harnessing, producing, marketing, and delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) to buyers across the country and the world at large.

Monthly Salary of the NLNG

The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas company salary structure is purported to be designed in such a way that the rank, department, location, and job specification determines the employee’s monthly pay. Interestingly, employee’s mode of employment be it for full-time staff or contract staff also determines a person’s monthly salary.

According to certain reports, employees holding managerial positions earn the most in NLNG. On this note, the average salary of an employee at NLNG is between 200,000 per month and 10,000,000 per year

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Without further ado, below is the average salary of NLNG employees according to rank and mode of employment.

  • Contract Staff –
  • Full-time Staff –
  • CEO/MD –
  • Deputy Managing Director –
  • General Managers –
  • Senior Staff –
  • Graduate Trainee –
  • Entry Level –
  • Intern –

What are the Branches of the NLNG?

  • Bonny Gas Transport Limited

Established in 1989 following the incorporation of Nigeria LNG Limited, the Bonny Gas Transport Limited is responsible for providing shipping capacity for the Nigerian LNG project. This company was set up with preferential equity holding from sponsors, NLNG’s shareholders, and ordinary equity holding from Nigeria LNG Limited.

  • NLNG Ship Management Limited (NSML)

The Nigerian LNG Ship Management Limited (NSML) was established in response to the challenges and rapid changes in the maritime business. It was also established due to the scarcity of shipboard personnel worldwide. In light of this, the company delivers the Nigerian LNG’s strategic plan to have an effective shipping management service which is supported by a dedicated manning company. This is to develop and supply quality and competent shipboard personnel onboard its ships.

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