Business Opportunities: How To Start Frozen Food Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide

Frozen food business is very lucrative especially in Nigeria because of the growth in population. The business is far from being saturated because we have less people doing the business. This is due to the fact that it is seen as a dirty job, but therein lies the money.

Do you know you can control the smell of the place by constantly cleaning and washing blood away; then drop some baking powder on strategic spots to control the smell in the place. Frozen food has to do with the sell of fish, turkey, prawns, chicken, gizzards etc.

This is one business that can grow quickly within the shortest possible time. Many people are living sophisticated lifestyles and will rather prefer already prepared, cleaned and cut meat than having to go through all those stress.

There are some people who cannot or will not like to slaughter chicken so the best bet is for them to buy already made. Ceremonies such as birthday parties, weddings, naming ceremony, convocation, festivals etc. takes place every now and again; frozen food is used in large quantity to prepare food.

Business Opportunities: How To Start Frozen Food Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide
Business Opportunities: How To Start Frozen Food Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide

Places such as hotel, restaurant,  bar, fast food joint patronizes frozen food a lot. Another set of people who trade mainly on some of these frozen foods are chicken vendors, fried fish and chicken sellers.

Someone said he started with two and half kilos of chicken but now he is buying cartons of assorted products. You have to decide on what to sell and concentrate on that before scaling up.

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One job or business may not be sustainable, you need additional profit venture. Why not try frozen food business out.


There are many things to put into considerations before starting your frozen food business. Some of those things are:


Get a place: Where you establish your frozen food business is very important. It can be a rented shop or your property. The place should be accessible and open. It mustn’t necessarily be a market place although getting a shop in the market is very good because you will have many buyers. Your shop can be close to the market, in front of your house if it is highly populated or in a street where such is lacking. When you are using a hidden place or unpopulated place you may not succeed in the business.


You can source for money depending on how you want to start whether in a small scale or large scale. There are different ways to source for money, it could be  through family members, saving from other businesses, or from companies that give loans.


Generator is very important when talking about frozen food business because the product has to be in a frozen state so that it will not spoil. To save cost a generator that uses diesel is more ideal if not your profit can be consumed by fuel. Even if you have a steady power in your location you still need generator because you never can tell when you will need it and fresh food is not something to gamble with.

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In case you don’t have enough money to purchase generator immediately, you can be taking your product to cold room for a fee until you are able to gather money to own one. Another way is to compliment generator with electric light. For days there are not light you can on the generator and leave it for 4 steady hours in other to preserve the products.


Decide on what to sell or find out what moves the market in your location and purchase more of that. Frozen chicken is one of the frozen food that sells higher than others, followed by turkey, fish etc. Croaker fish is preferred to other fishes.


  • It is high in demand
  • Frozen foods are already prepared food so it saves people time especially those that want to cook food quickly. As such t is more preferred than raw ones.
  • It has a high profit.
  • You can do it as an additional business, just employ two persons to run the business for you.
  • Anybody can do frozen food business, it does not call for a certificate.


  • Freezers
  • Generator
  • Knives
  • Chisel
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Bench
  • Fan
  • Wooden board
  • Waste basket
  • Apron
  • Water
  • Water storage
  • Nylon


If you are starting small #200,000 is okay. But if in a bigger way you will need up to #500,000. You have to purchase 2 deep freezers which may cost more than #100,000. Generator from #60,000 and above. Then other things will gulp about #200,000.

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The business is very profitable. Especially when you are selling them in parts. Assuming you bought a carton of chicken #10,000 and sell it #11,000 and you sell 5 cartons in a day, that‘s #5,000 for just chicken alone. How about turkey, gizzard, snail, prawns etc. And of course you will certainly sell more than that in a day.

When everything is carefully planned and executed, you can be making not less than #100,000 every month and above and it keeps increasing with time. Somebody said he sponsored himself through school, pay house rent, feed himself and did many other things from the proceeds of frozen food business.

Make your shop attractive for people to come in, keep chairs or bench for them to sit down and wait for you to package their products. Cut the chicken or turkey neatly, avoid wasting them by shredding the product through mistake. That is why the knives and chisel should be sharped frequently.
Your weighing machine should be correctly positioned; if you short change anybody you will lose customers.
Use newspapers or any other papers to wrap the frozen food after putting them in a nylon especially chicken or turkey that can leak out blood.


Source : Enibest 


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