• Shiba Inu price is struggling to make headway in a stale market with mild volatility.
  • If Bitcoin cooperates, investors can expect SHIB to trigger a 20% run-up to $0.0000130.
  • A daily candlestick close below $0.0000095 will catalyze a 15% downswing for the meme coin.

Shiba Inu price looks to be in limbo as it hovers above a stable support level, but things could get ugly as the threat of a downside persists. However, the upside seems plausible under two conditions – Bitcoin cooperates with the directional bias and the launch of a new stablecoin called “SHI.”

What Is SHI: Shiba Stablecoin

Shytoshi Kusama, a pseudonymous Shiba Inu developer, updated the developments on SHIBARIUM – SHIB’s L2 blockchain, SHI – the protocol’s first stablecoin, the launch of the TREAT token and some insights into the people spreading Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about SHIB and its ecosystems in a recent blog post..

The most important aspect of this post was the launch of a stablecoin named ‘SHI’. While no details regarding the stablecoin was discussed, the developer mentioned that it is time to take control, especially after the meltdown of LUNA-UST.

Kusama added,

So as for Shi, we’ve seen independent development from a group of developers in our decentralized network. They’ve submitted a version of Shi that seems to avoid the issues found in other moonshots, while allowing Shi to be used to counter and balance payments that need to be done without market fluctuations.”

This statement from the developer might suggest that SHI could be an algorithmic stablecoin like UST but will follow a different route altogether.

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However, the blog stresses the fact that this stablecoin project is an ‘experimental protocol’ and that more details will be provided soon.

Shiba Inu price remain undecided

Shiba Inu price rallied 67% between June 18 and June 21, an explosive move that formed a swing high at $0.0000119. Although SHIB retraced temporarily, it recovered and attempted another run-up that set a higher high at $0.0000121 before succumbing.

Since then, SHIB has corrected 21% and has been consolidating above the $0.0000095 support level and is slowly attempting a run-up.

If Bitcoin price develops a bullish bias, there is a chance for Shiba Inu price to trigger a run-up to $0.0000119. However, a flip of this level or an extension of the rally could also push the meme coin to $0.0000130.

This run-up would constitute a 20% ascent, but investors need to be cautious of the downside threat, which is a price inefficiency or fair value gap (FVG) that extends from $0.0000082 to $0.0000093.

Filling this gap would effectively remove the need for market makers to push the altcoin lower and hence, improve the odds of an uptrend. Therefore, investors should be cautious of any premature rallies.


On the other hand, if Shiba Inu price fails to recover after filling the $0.0000082 to $0.0000093 FVG and continues to head lower, it will indicate a weakness in the bullish momentum. In such a case, if SHIB produces a daily candlestick close below $0.0000071, it will create a lower low and invalidate the bullish thesis.

Such a development could see Shiba Inu price crash 15% to the next support level at $0.0000060.


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